Lakeline Mall Drive Longhorns

If you live or visit Northwest Austin any time soon, then don’t miss the opportunity to see the Lakeline Mall Drive Longhorns.  

New homes, apartments, offices and hotels are popping up near this area like a game of whack-a-mole.

Where can you see longhorn cattle in Northwest Austin?

This land at the corner of Lakeline Mall Drive and Rutledge Spur, once hundreds of acres of pasture void of buildings, homes, and highways, is now home to 4-6 longhorns.  

The metro rail is on the north side and what appears to be a vacant house on the south side, just north of Tollroad 45.

In between the two landmarks do longhorns, including a cute, lovable baby longhorn, graze the day away.

These longhorns have unique earth-tone markings with beautiful and massive horns to match.

While you may not be able to get up close and personal — beware of an electric fence and no trespassing signage all along the property perimeter, you should be able to view longhorns from the street.

And as for parking, there is no official parking as the longhorns are on private residential property in an up and coming residential neighborhood. 

However, the good news is that there is nominal vehicle traffic through the area.  In fact, the day we visited, there quite a few runners and joggers passing by in the 15-minute visit than anything else.

While not certain who owns or cares for the Lakeline Mall Drive longhorns, they are a great addition and living reminder of the area’s decades of farming. 

The Lakeline Mall Drive longhorns provide a pleasant, tranquil and serene backdrop to the hustle and bustle of Northwest Austin’s budding city life.