Cedar Park Longhorns

And who said you couldn’t stumble upon Longhorns in the city? 

Imagine the surprise only a few blocks west of old 183 in Cedar Park, Texas to discover 10+ longhorns and a donkey. 

They grazed the day away without a care in the world on a beautiful fall afternoon.

It’s not far from the intersection of Bell Street and West Park Street in Cedar Park, Texas.

Where is Cedar Park’s majestic longhorn cattle sighting? 

The fast-growing city of Cedar Park has engulfed likely what was nothing but farm land and pasture.  There are now churches and neighborhoods, both new and old, that have sprouted all around this private-property longhorn sighting.

There’s not much space to park (no official parking — see video at bottom). I pulled off of West Park onto a curb-less sidewalk and grass area with hazards on to slow passing traffic in both directions. 

By passers slowed to enjoy the iconic longhorn sighting too while we there admiring mature-horned longhorns.  

None of the longhorns appeared to be bothered or spooked by our presence, but there was a donkey that followed us along the fence line.  He’s there likely for security reasons (not certain though).

Nonetheless, this group of longhorns can be a bit challenging to spot because they often hang towards the back of the property most days — which is not accessible from West Park Street. 

However, in super early mornings and just after noon, you can spot them towards the front of the property along West Park Street.  We’ve passed by a few times in the evening, but have had no luck sighting a one.

If you’re in the Leander, Cedar Park, or Northwest Austin area, and you don’t want to go far to enjoy good-looking and peaceful longhorns, then drive on over to West Park Street.  They’ll be just as happy to see you as you are them.