Ronald Reagan Longhorns

Just a few miles north of Austin, Texas is home to the fastest growing city in the nation: Leander, Texas

Leander’s population was 7,596 in 2000. Today, some 20 years later, Leander is now approaching a population of 70,000.  That’s a 10 plus percent in annual growth for Leander, increasing nearly 160% since the most recent census, and not slowing down anytime soon. 

At one time, Leander simply farmed and ranch land. But today, neighborhoods, businesses, and highways are popping up one after the next.

One of the major highways or thoroughfares established is Ronald Reagan Blvd, also known as Parmer Lane in both Austin and Round Rock.  Thousands of residents use Ronald Reagan Blvd. to travel to and from surrounding cities to work daily.

Where can you see longhorn cattle in Leander, Texas?

As thousands traverse Ronald Reagan Blvd., nearby residents and surrounding locals have discovered longhorn sightings just south of the Ronald Reagan Blvd. and Hero Way intersection.

This stretch of pasture is home to nearly 30-35 longhorns of all ages, colors, and sizes. There is quite the assortment of earth tones, horns of all shapes and sizes, and double-digit number of calves frolicking across this open pasture.

Parking to view Ronald Reagan Blvd.’s longhorn cattle

As for parking, it’s best to park on the shoulder of Ronald Reagan Blvd just a few feet into the grass (wild, but navigable grass). 

The day we visited the “Ronald Reagan Longhorns”, as most refer to them, they are an inquisitive and curious group.  Most of the longhorns eagerly approached the barbed-wire fence. Some cautiously looking, while others continued grazing.

Oh and one last thing, please be mindful where stepping and standing as you admire the lovable Ronald Reagan Longhorns.  There are vicious fire ants awaiting an unassuming adult or child not fully aware of their surroundings.